18th July 2012
BUFC-RWF timing-2:00 PM
BUFC have had a long break before this game. Important game for them to win. RWF have had it easy against BUFC in their previous meetings. They have never lost to BUFC in the A division.
17th July 2012
SAI are closing in on the top. They start as favorites in this match. The bottom 4 are beginning to drop further away from the rest of the teams.SAI and Dharmaraja Union play out a dull draw.SAI have 5 draws now. We can see good movement from them in each match but no good strikers to pull the trigger and finish the job.
16th July 2012
Southern Blues and SW Rly are staring relegation in the eye. A win for the Blues gives them some hope.
A repeat performance of last year for Bangalore Mars . They were top of the table ahead of Students Union and ADE only to be overtaken by both the teams. It looks as though the same is going to happen even this time around.
14th July 2012
Bangalore Mars have been losing key games just as last season. Do they have what it takes to get the 3 points against a lackluster SAI?A beautiful display of some really fine football from both teams. None deserved to lose the game. a satisfying 2-2 result for both the teams. Mars are top of the league at the moment. AGORC and DYSH are breathing down their neck.
13th July 2012
LRDE-RWF timing - 2:00 PM
RWF should be favorites in this one to maintain their top position. LRDE are coming off a good run themselves.This should be a keen contest between two good teams. RWF are back at the top with a clinical 2-0 win against LRDE. RWF are the team to beat.
11th July 2012
AGORC-Bangalore Mars timing - 2:00 PM
The battle of the greens. Some new faces in the AGORC line up does not still make them look like a serious threat to Mars. This is generally the time of the league when fatigue kicks in. Will Mars be up for it?AGORC are slowly climbing up the table with a few wins. There is bound to be fixture congestion for them along with BUFC and SW Rly as these 3 teams have played fewer matches than the other teams.AGORC are looking solid.
10th July 2012
DYSH-ISRO timing - 2:00 PM
It still looks like 3 way race to the top with an outside chance for DYSH. They will have to put behind the Mars disappointment and move on. 3-0 down at the break, brilliant comeback by DYSH to win it 6-3. ISRO can feel safe sitting pretty in mid table.
9th July 2012
Great header from the new boy Nikhil to register their first win for SW Railway. They will need a lot more to avoid the drop. Also they are bound to have fixture congestion with as many as 7 games in 13 days.
7th July 2012
DYSH-Bangalore Mars timing 1:30 PM This is an important match for both teams to establish a power position at the top. Bangalore Mars will want some sweet revenge for last year's loss in the process.Sweet revenge it sure was and Mars are back at the top. A reversal of 2-1 defeat from last year.
6th July 2012
LRDE-Dharmarja Union timing 1:30 PM A relegation 6 pointer. Both teams will be eager to get a win. LRDE have finally begun to find their feet in the league. This will be test of nerve for them.LRDE move up to 4th in the table. Amazing turn around for LRDE.
5th July 2012
ISRO prove too strong for SW Rly. Convincing win for ISRO. Are they back in the race to the top? Its difficult to say with poor showings against lesser teams. Their full strength team is difficult to put out every game with lot of their corporate employee players.
3rd July 2012
RBI-Southern Blues timing: 1:30PM A good performance against Mars has raised the confidence of Southern Blues. They will be looking to take all 3 points from a sinking RBI. The bottom of the table is getting interesting with each team getting an unexpected win every now and again. It takes quite a lot to keep momentum over 11 games. We have seen many teams climb up and down the table. Southern Blues are now above RBI.
2nd July 2012
LRDE - ISRO timing: 1:30PM
LRDE will be keen on getting a result against ISRO after a good showing against BUFC while ISRO will want to pick themselves up after thrashing 4-0 thrashing by SAI.
1st July 2012
SAI-RWF timing: 1:30PM
SAI can open up the top spot with a win against RWF. RWF have settled in a rhythm with getting their full strength team. If they can keep this up, there will not be many teams that can beat them.Third draw for SAI, this shows the lack of good quality strikers in the side. They are playing good possession game but no outright striker to finish chances. RWF are back on top.
30th June 2012
Bangalore Mars-Southern Blues
Expect nothing less than an easy win for Mars
29th June 2012
SAI-ISRO timing- 1:30 PM
ISRO can go top with a win in this game. SAI will be tough opposition.Jayanth, this guy has done all it takes, he as earned the place in the side; he deserves to be in the I league. We will make sure it happens. Super win for SAI.
28th June 2012
RWF-RBI timing- 1:30 PM
Unbeaten so far having played lesser games, RWF are at number 3 in the standings. They are within striking distance to achieve top spot. RBI are going further down with their relegation counterparts doing better.RWF have come from behind to capture the top spot. They were written down as favorites to get back into the Super Division right at the start of the league.
27th June 2012
LRDE-BUFC timing- 1:30 PM
Its a pressure cooker at the top. BUFC had to win if they were going to contest for the title. BUFC had won against LRDE in a pre season practice game. They were still favorites to hit the nail in the coffin for LRDE and keep them in drop zone.BUFC's title aspirations took a huge dent following a 1-0 loss to bottom rung LRDE.
26th June 2012
DYSH - SAI timing- 1:30 PM
The battle for supremacy to be the top academy in Bangalore takes centre stage when these two teams meet. It has been 5 years since they met in a Bangalore league game since they last played out a draw in the Super Division filled with bone crunching tackles and lot of passion.DYSH came out with positive attitude, strong tackles and good attacking intent. A well deserved 3 points sees them climb up the table significantly and the satisfaction of putting one past their bitter rivals.
25th June 2012
ISRO - RWF timing- 1:30 PM
Two tough teams at the top are going to make it a good game to watch. A lot is at stake for both the teams.RWF welcome back Naveen Moses but they had to settle for a draw against ISRO in pretty bad weather. A lot of ball possession and lot of chances but no finishing touch for RWF.
24th June 2012
AGORC-RBI timing- 1:30 PM
It seems like AGORC are going to keep up their mid-table finish for quite a few years now.RBI had a good start but they have a serious dip in form.RBI have been sucked into the relegation zone with yet another poor showing against AGORC. AGORC are slowing closing in on the race at the top.
23rd June 2012
Dharmaraja will be confident after a win in their previous game and will be looking to cement their place above the relegation zone. With BUFC's loss in their previous game, Bangalore Mars will want to maintain their top position.Bangalore Mars have an easy 4-1 victory over Dharmaraja Union and sitting pretty at the top of the table.
22nd June 2012
SAI start as favorites after winning against top team BUFC. LRDE have managed a draw in their previous game. We really want to see LRDE win and make it a tough fight at the bottom as well.A point from the game does not do any good to LRDE nor SAI at either end of the table. A fair result considering the flow of the game.
21st June 2012
DYSH started as favorites against rock bottom SW Rly. DYSH win as expected. There were glimpses of moments where SW Rly did play some good football. It is going to take a lot more to stay up in this division.
20th June 2012
AGORC - ISRO timing- 1:30 PM
This was a typical mid-table clash. ISRO were losing ground at the top. AGORC ould come from behind to challenge for the top spots.ISRO beat AGORC in a tight game. Some of the management decisions of AGORC not quite understandable. It seems like they don't want to play their full strength team.
19th June 2012
Dharmaraja Union - RBI timing- 1:30 PM
Dharmaraja Union will be looking to lift themselves off the drop zone with a win against an out of form RBI.This game is expected to be a scrappy game with both teams fighting for survival.A thrilling game that saw 9 goals ended in Dharmaraja Unions's favor lifting them above the drop zone. RBI are slowly losing momentum and being dragged into the relegation zone.

18th June 2012
SAI - BUFC timing- 1:30 PM
SAI were looking to join the top of the table with a win against BUFC. BUFC had the psychological edge over their counterparts as they had convincingly won a practice game 3-0 in pre-season.The table topppers proved tough for them.Set back for BUFC as SAI scored a bleak goal that trickled into the BUFC net. This was a chance for BUFC to start setting the pace of the league.
17th June 2012
RWF - Bangalore Mars timing- 1:30 PM
This is another top of the table 6 pointer. RWF are looking good after the return of few key players.RWF show why they were Super Division for for as many years. They are closing in on the top spot.
16th June 2012
LRDE FC DYSH timing- 1:30 PM
LRDE look good while going forward but they are leaking a lot of goals at the back with the aging legs of George standing in defense. This should be easy for DYSH.It is such a mystery why LRDE cannot win. They are creating chances all the way but lacking the finishing.A 1-1 draw with DYSS showed a lot more character about the team than the recent results.
15th June 2012
Dharmaraja Union - BUFC timing- 1:30 PM
BUFC will start as favorites. They would like to put some pressure at the top while Dharmaraj Union will be looking forward to atleast a point from this to keep their A Division survival chances alive.
14th June 2012
RWF-Southern Blues timing- 1:30 PM
RWF were looking to join the title race. It could have been easily predicted before the game that this was going to be a one sided affair. An overwhelming 6-2 win for RWF. Southern Blues are staring relegation right in the eye.
13th June 2012
SAI - AGORC timing- 1:30 PM
After their rivals DYSH winning , SAI will also want to keep up the same. AGORC have a whole pool of recruited players waiting in the wings thanks to BDFA's strict NO to sign the players after their recruitment.A fair result for either team. Both teams did not deserve to lose. AGORC had too many brilliant individuals but lacked the team effort. SAI did most of the attacking , good defense from AGORC.
12th June 2012
RBI - DYSS timing- 1:30 PM
DYSS look to start their campaign against an out of form RBI. DYSS players looked good on the field but they were still all over the place in terms of positional play typical the boys they are. Good win for DYSH to kick start their season.
11th June 2012
BUFC have proved it beyond all doubts that they are here to contest for the title. Kudos to BUFC after a thumping 2-0 victory over close rivals ISRO.
10th June 2012
Mars are looking strong at the top.Good football from LRDE and the same story continues. Bangalore Mars seem to be in control. Karthik, in the centre of midfield putting in some strong performances.
9th June 2012
Southern Blues - ISRO timing- 1:30 PM
It would make it very difficult for Southern Blues to stay up in the A Division if they do not start getting points out of games. ISRO were looking to catch up with the race at the top. They are back in contention for the title. Southern Blues getting to the foot of the table.
8th June 2012
Bangalore Mars are back with a bang. It was like child's play in front of the RBI goal. Many a time there were 3 forwards and one defender and a goal keeper and the contest was between the attackers to score the goal.
7th June 2012
AGORC are a team to watch out for as they have recruited players on the back of sports quota jobs at the AG's office. Manju, Murali, Praveen, Lokman Singh, Naresh- the appointed players.Anup and Leon from the Indian youth camp stole the show. Easy win over LRDE.
6th June 2012
RWF are one of the contenders for the title with some very good recruits this year as well. It was too easy in the end for RWF with a convincing 2-0 win.
5th June 2012
Dharmaraja Union start as favorites against Southern Blues.A draw satisfied both teams in the grand scheme of things.
4th June 2012
Chintu and co in the forward line against a very fit and tough defence line of ISRO is a keen contest to watch out for.
3rd June 2012
BUFC concede in dying minutes of the game to draw the game 1-1 against Bangalore Mars after lucky first goal early in the second half.
2nd June 2012
Dharmaraja Union and ISRO, both the relegated teams locked horns as battle to supremacy with both teams eyeing at the top spot in the league.
Mano stood tall in the middle and guided ISRO through to a convincing win. ISRO look like the team to beat in Bangalore "A" Division.
1st June 2012
RBI faced LRDE for the first time as RBI looked to stamp their authority to announce their presence in A Division while LRDE looked to bounce back into the Super Division like the good old times.
Chintu had a man of the match performance as RBI edge past LRDE.The tiny figure of Umashanker was a menace all through the afternoon as he walked the ball into the net on a couple of occasions.
22nd May 2012
After a long delay to get the ambulance and proper medical facilities at the Bangalore Football Stadium, the Bangalore Leagues are finally set to start from 1st June 2012